This third issue of 2023 is composed of four articles that provide an overview of the sector from the perspectives of different stakeholders. The first article uses mixed methods to address the potentiality of Portugal as a thermal tourism destination by characterizing its history, supply and demand and providing the basis for the definition of strategies to develop the sector. The second article explores a still understudied tourism sector, the oleotourism. By interviewing different olive producers in the Trás-os-Montes region, Portugal, this study aims to identify sustainable tourism practices in this niche tourism and to understand better how these sustainable practices can contribute to the development of olive cultivation. The third article intends to contribute to the literature on the determinants of tourism development from the residents' perspective. By applying a quantitative approach, relying on a survey of residents of a historic town in the north of Portugal, this study explores the relationships among different determinants of residents' support for sustainable tourism development and residents' sociodemographic profile. The fourth article has the tourists' perspective and addresses how the COVID-19 pandemic impacted the travel intentions to Pakistan by applying the Theory of Planned Behaviour. 

Published: 2023-09-29