• Journal of Tourism, Sustainability and Well-being
    Vol 10 No 4 (2022)

    The Journal of Tourism, Sustainability and Well-Being terminates 2022 with an issue composed of five articles, mainly addressing the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic. The first article is theoretical and proposes a model of shared responsibilities involving the different stakeholders in a cultural destination to overcome a crisis, such as the global Covid-19 pandemic. The second article focus on the hospitality industry and how the tourism and hotel industry can contribute to eco-friendly financial reporting practices. The study includes companies before and during the Covid-19 pandemic. The third article focuses on the effects of tourism on residents’ well-being in a destination, including their quality of life, happiness and life satisfaction. The most important contribution of this study is that it considers the potential moderating effect of the risk associated with the Covid-19 pandemic on the studied relationships. Both the fourth and fifth articles approach the tourists’ perspective. The fourth article is dedicated to the impact of social media and emotions on tourists’ sustainable behaviours when visiting rural destinations. The last article is a contribution to the smart tourism field. This study explores the niche market of senior tourists and the role of information and communication technologies in their travel planning.

  • Journal of Tourism, Sustainability and Well-being | Special Issue - Digital Well-being in the Tourism Industry
    Vol 10 No 3 (2022)

    In recent years, the fast development of new technologies has promoted the creation of digital habits in the society. Several representative examples of the actions that users carry out daily include easily getting access to digital information, getting connected with family and friends, as well as working from home. In these circumstances, companies have adapted their communication and information strategies to increasingly focus on digital environments. For companies, the new era of technologies it is a valuable opportunity to get users spend more and more time interacting with information in digital environments, as well as in social networks or any other type of digital ecosystem.

    One of the industries generating relatively more income than other industries owing to globalization is tourism. There is also evidence demonstrating that tourism has been directly affected by the evolution and development of new technologies. At present, there is a clear growth in the number of initiatives from technology companies proposing new mobile applications to facilitate tourist excursions or digital services focused on the purchase and sale of tourist packages through the Internet.

    For many people, tourism is a way of life. Through tourism, i.e. through enjoying international stays and travel, people express their interests and habits. At the same time, there is a growing body of research on digital web-being defined as people’s social and healthy habits when using any digital technology. The use of digital technologies can affect online and offline users’ behavior, thus causing possible alterations in relation to their behaviors or attitudes.

    To address this issue, as well as to better understand the evolution and status quo of digital well-being, this special issue has collected articles focused on digital well-being in the tourism industry. As editors of this special issue entitled "Digital well-being in the tourism industry," we hope that the contributions to this volume will help both future researchers in the development of their studies and practitioners, in terms of improving their actions related to technology in the tourism ecosystem.

    Guest-Editors: José Ramón Saura, Eloisa Díaz-Garrido and Felix Velicia-Martin

  • Journal of Tourism, Sustainability and Well-being
    Vol 10 No 2 (2022)

    This second issue of 2022 is composed of five articles, mostly of qualitative nature. The first article uses an innovative approach, system thinking, to explore the importance of policy-making activities in tourism recovery of covid 19 impacts in Portugal. The second article is also dedicated to the analysis of the policy proposals to promote tourism, focusing on the state of Rondônia, in Brazil. The third article addresses the topic of educational tourism and how it can positively impact tourism-related education with subsequent social, economic and environmental benefits to destinations. The fourth article is a contribution to cultural sustainability. It explores how giving aesthetic value to the urban landscape, and cultural identity may enhance the attractiveness of a historic centre through outdoor cultural routes. The last article intends to contribute to the literature on festival events and empirically shows how the cognitive image of the event can increase tourist satisfaction.

  • Journal of Tourism, Sustainability and Well-being
    Vol 10 No 1 (2022)

    This first issue of 2022 is composed of four articles. The first article offers a structured literature review on the tourism area life cycle and offers insights on how this theory can contribute to tourism planning and strategy analysis. The remaining three articles, one theoretical and two empirical, are mainly related to Tourism and its stakeholders’ well-being. The second article is dedicated to positive psychology and mindfulness, and their relevance to developing meaningful tourism experiences and benefiting individuals' well-being while visiting a destination. The third article presents the residents’ perspective and how their perceptions of tourism impacts are affecting their quality of life regarding several dimensions: material, community life, health and safety feelings domain and emotional life. The fourth paper leads the reader to those working in the tourism sector, focusing on front-line hotel employees and how their internal motivations affect the relationship between perceived supervisory support and constructive deviance behaviours.

  • Experiences in Destinations: From Souvenirs to Fulling Experiences
    Vol 9 No 4 (2021)

    Guest-Editors: Soraia Garcês, Margarida Pocinho and Florin Nechita

  • Sustainability in Tourism in the Context of Covid-19: From Policy to Practice
    Vol 9 No 2 (2021)

    Guest-Editors: Adão Flores, Jorge Andraz, Joaquim Pinto Contreiras, Elsa Pereira, Manuela Rosa and Paula Azevedo

  • New Challenges in Tourism Management: Qualitative and Exploratory Approaches
    Vol 9 No 1 (2021)

     Guest-Editors: João Albino Silva, Maria Manuela Guerreiro and Bernardete Sequeira

  • Key Challenges Facing Business Sciences
    Vol 8 No 4 (2020)

     Guest-Editor: Paula Odete Fernandes

  • Consumer Behavior in the Digital Age
    Vol 8 No 3 (2020)

    Guest-Editors: Jose Ramon Saura, Ana Reyes-Menendez, Nelson de Matos, Marisol B. Correia and Pedro Palos-Sanchez

  • Tourism, Regional Development and Well-being
    Vol 8 No 2 (2020)

     Guest-Editors: Saul Neves de Jesus, Margarida Pocinho and Mariusz Kwiatkowski 

  • Tourism and Wellbeing
    Vol 8 No 1 (2020)

     Guest-Editors: Saul Neves de Jesus, Margarida Pocinho and Juan Tobal

  • Cultural Tourism: New Products Tendencies
    Vol 7 No 4 (2019)

    Guest-Editors: Cláudia Henriques, Pedro Bittencourt César, Lurdes Varela and Maria Cristina Moreira

  • Insights of User Generated Content in Tourism
    Vol 7 No 3 (2019)

     Guest-Editors: Javier Perez-Aranda and Manuela Guerreiro

  • Human Resources Management: Human and Strategic Dimension of Organizational Development
    Vol 7 No 2 (2019)

     Guest-Editors: Gabriela Gonçalves, Joana Santos and Cátia Sousa

  • Tourism & Management Studies
    Vol 7 No 1 (2019)

    Guest-Editor: José António C. Santos

  • Residential Tourism
    Vol 6 No 4 (2018)

    Guest-Editors: Cláudia Ribeiro de Almeida and Ana Isabel Renda

  • Marketing and Tourism
    Vol 6 No 3 (2018)

    Guest-Editors: Nelson Matos, Manuela Guerreiro, Júlio Mendes and Bernardete Sequeira

  • Historical Contexts and Identities of the Mediterranean Countries
    Vol 6 No 2 (2018)

    Guest-Editors: Teresa de Noronha and Emiliana Mangone

  • Human Factors in Safety and Health in the Workplace
    Vol 6 No 1 (2018)

     Guest-Editors: Gabriela Gonçalves and António Oliveira e Sousa

  • Air Transport and Tourism Dynamics
    Vol 5 No 4 (2017)

    Guest-Editors: Cláudia Ribeiro de Almeida and Jorge Abrantes

  • Interdisciplinarity in Social and Human Sciences: Prospecting well-being in society
    Vol 5 No 3 (2017)

    Guest-Editors: Saul Neves de Jesus, Thomas Panagopoulos, João Albino Silva and Teresa de Noronha

  • Tourism Studies
    Vol 5 No 2 (2017)

    Guest-Editor: José Santos

  • Novel Approaches in Geographic Information Systems
    Vol 5 No 1 (2017)

    Guest-Editor: Eric Vaz

  • Food Systems and Sustainability
    Vol 4 No 4 (2016)

    Guest-Editor: Teresa de Noronha

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