Aims and Scope

The Journal of Tourism, Sustainability and Well-being (JTSW) is an international open-access academic journal in the tourism field that publishes high-quality, refereed articles that advance science widely available so that tourism can serve the society, enhance a sustainable development of the destinations, and positively impact the well-being of stakeholders.

JTSW offers itself a multidisciplinary and all-inclusive bridge between theoretical and practical aspects of tourism and the emerging interdisciplinary aspects that can revolutionise the tourism and hospitality industries. While the JTSW maintains its traditional focus on original research, both conceptual and empirical, that clearly contributes to the theoretical development of the tourism field, it also has a far more inclusive and broadened scope to keep up with the new problems that challenge academics and practitioners working in private, public and non-profit organisations globally. JTSW encourages research based on a variety of methods, qualitative and/or quantitative, based on rigorous theoretical reasoning and supported by a strong methodology. Criteria for evaluation include significance in contributing new knowledge, conceptual quality, appropriate methodology, technical competence (of theoretical argument and/or data analysis), and clarity of exposition.

JTSW promotes research on a broad range of topics that explore major trends in the study of relationships between tourism, sustainable development of destinations and well-being of tourism-related stakeholders. Contributions can be from all disciplinary perspectives, with interdisciplinary approaches especially welcomed as far as they apply to the tourism research field. All policy, planning and management aspects of tourism are also encouraged.

The journal is published as a quarterly international review in open access, mainly composed of thematic special issues. The publishing schedule is the last working day of March, June, September and December. Any interested scholar can submit a proposal for the guest-edition of a special issue to the Editor-in-Chief. The proposal should follow the guidelines provided in the Guide for Guest Editors. Each article must follow the publication rules as in the Author Guidelines. The Guest-Editors and the Editor-in-Chief are responsible for the implementation of a double-blind review process. This method ensures that the author(s) and the reviewers remain anonymous to guarantee a fair and impartial review of the submitted manuscripts.

JTSW is published by the Research Centre for Tourism, Sustainability and Well-being (CinTurs), settled at the University of Algarve, Portugal. This journal is funded by National Funds provided by FCT- Foundation for Science and Technology through project UIDB/04020/2020.

The Editorial Board gathers world-renowned experts in different scientific areas, with a striving balance in geographic and gender diversity.