Call For Papers


(Special Issue – June 2023)

Tourism is an important activity and the major source of income for many destinations through which positive environmental, cultural and social results can also be created. To achieve the most favourable results, destinations must develop and promote strong brands that help them to be identified and differentiated in a complex globalised marketplace. This means that a destination’s success depends entirely on its competitiveness in the global market.

A variety of interdisciplinary approaches to destination branding have been prompted by researchers and practitioners with distinct backgrounds that resulted in alternative destination branding strategies. These strategies include smart, sustainable, and innovative destination branding and encompass a variety of concepts such as smartness, smart tourism, smart destinations, sustainable destinations, sustainable destination image, creative destinations, innovation ecosystems, innovative governance, social innovation, transformational leadership, among others. This Special Issue, to which we invite submissions, aims to advance an interdisciplinary perspective on destination branding by encouraging interdisciplinary contributions. Potential manuscripts for this special issue may include, but are not limited to the following topics pertaining to destination branding main tracks:

  • The role of social media engagement strategies in building strong brands
  • Challenges and opportunities of smart destination governance
  • Smart tourism experiences and co-creation of new experiences
  • Smart tourism business ecosystems and smart tourism infrastructure
  • Hypermedia communication spaces
  • Destination branding and sustainable tourism
  • Human-centred sustainable destination branding strategies
  • Brand engagement and the role of local residents in sustainability of destination brands
  • Participatory local governance and destination branding
  • Resource sharing and co-creation of brand values
  • Place identity and sustainable destination image
  • Conceptualising innovative destination branding
  • Creative industries and destination branding
  • Implications of design-driven strategies to destination branding
  • Application of design approaches in the development of the destination brands
  • The usage of colours in destination branding


Homayoun Golestaneh, PhD, Universidade do Algarve:

Maria Manuela Martins Guerreiro, PhD, Universidade do Algarve:

Hassan Sadeghi Naeini, PhD, Iran University of Science and Technology:

All papers will be peer-reviewed. Articles must follow the publication rules as presented in the Author Guidelines. Any comments or doubts should be sent to the Guest-Editors.