Call For Papers


(Special Issue)

This Special Issue, to which we invite submissions, aims to study the attitudes and behaviours towards the tourism phenomena, since tourism can affect their lives, in a positive or negative way. Moreover, research should give attention to those working in the hospitality sector, trying to understand their employment and work conditions (namely the effects of seasonality and overwork), satisfaction levels, career expectations, gender discrimination and distress.

Potential manuscripts for this special issue may include, but are not limited to, the following topics pertaining to well-being in the field of tourism:

  • Stakeholders’ well-being
  • Hospitality professionals’ well-being
  • Tourists’ well-being
  • Tourism and residents
  • Tourism and quality of life
  • Second home Tourism
  • Social Impacts of Tourism
  • Cultural Impacts of Tourism
  • Health Tourism
  • Sports and Tourism
  • Healthy Workplaces in Hospitality
  • Lifestyle Mobilities and Migration



Saúl Neves de Jesus, PhD, Universidade do Algarve:

Soraia Garcês, PhD, University of Madeira:

Dorota Bazuń, PhD, University of Zielona Góra:



All papers will be peer-reviewed. Articles must follow the publication rules as presented in the Author’s Guidelines. Full articles should be submitted by October 31, 2023, to the Guest-Editors. Any comments or doubts should be sent to the Guest-Editors.