Guest Editors

JSOD is an international journal composed by special issues published in Open Access. In addition to the Editor-in-chief, each number has, at least, one Guest-editor.

Articles are submitted within proposals for a special issue. This process can be made by any scholar ready to act as a Guest-editor. A special issue should have between three and eight papers, within the suggested topic.

The proposal must include besides the name, email address and professional affiliation of the Guest-editor, title, a short biographical note and table of contents, deadline for paper submission of the proposed issue as well as a signed Guest-editor agreement.

The Guest-editor invites authors to submit their papers to be considered for publication. Additionally, a call for papers on the proposed topic can be launched to the scientific community which means that other researchers can also submit a paper to be published in each special issue.

The Guest-editor must submit the special issue proposal until three months before the proposed publication date. Each proposal will be evaluated by the Editorial Board prior to acceptance. If accepted, it will be articulated with the existing proposals to define the publication date.

Regarding the edition contents, all manuscripts must be written in English and proofread accordingly. Authors must ensure that each paper follows the existing editorial norms as specified in the Author Guidelines.

The Guest-editors and the Editor-in-chief are responsible to submit all the papers to a double-blind review process.

The broadcasting of each new edition of the JSOD will be of the responsibility of the Research Centre for Tourism, Sustainability and Wellbeing (CinTurs). Seminars on the topic are very welcome to be lectured at the University of Algarve, or at any other institution interested in joining the broadcasting process.