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Vol 8 No 4 (2020): Key Challenges Facing Business Sciences

In the current and troubled days in which we live, several are the challenges that emerge in the different areas of knowledge, but that converge in a single way of acting: only a new and more systemic way of thinking in management can solve the economic, social and environmental issues facing us today. Working in a holistic framework, with a dynamic and ever-evolving environment, thinking creatively and critically are the real challenges facing the scientific and business community today. The articles collected for this Special Edition of JSOD focus on current affairs with a more wide-ranging view of different areas of knowledge. In particular, focus on the assessment of what factors have an impact on housing prices in Portugal, analysis of the role of information technology in creating and developing a sustainable competitive advantage for organizations through the implementation of knowledge management, and in the relationship between the factors of risk in asset evaluation models and future economic growth. It concludes with the presentation of two articles related to the area of tourism knowledge; begins with a bibliometric analysis on nautical tourism and ends with the presentation labour productivity and total factor productivity measures of nature tourism enterprises in Portugal.


Guest-editor: Paula Odete Fernandes

Published: 2020-12-31


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