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Vol 9 No 1 (2021): New Challenges in Tourism Management: Qualitative and Exploratory Approaches

In a changing world, the tourism sector seeks to adapt to the new challenges in the context of the sustainable development. The transfer of scientific knowledge to the industry to support the definition of tourism development policies is one of the critical issues in academic research. Qualitative research methods are presented as tools through which it is possible to assess new realities and new perspectives on tourism. Drawn from case studies, this volume contributes to deepening the knowledge, exploring lines of reflection from four exploratory studies.

The article entitled Plastic use sustainable change in Portugal: an analysis on tourism stakeholders' actions and programs explores environmentally sustainable practices and propose Design within the framework of the circular economy.

The article entitled Incentives and restrains related to the development of a wine tourism destination: a new institutional economics approach explores governance formats in wine destinations and recommend an incentive scheme consistent within the tourism destination.

The article Reading the tourist destination: bibliotourism and place perception, introduces bibliotourism to identify strategies on how to approach the public libraries functions from a touristic perspective.

The article Industrial tourism as a means of 'made in china' reputation improvement explores industrial tourism development as a way of country-of-origin promotion.


Guest-Editors: João Albino Silva, Maria Manuela Guerreiro and Bernardete Sequeira

Published: 2021-03-31
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