The Influence of Membership Groups on Selecting Accommodations: The Case of the Residential Tourist

  • Javier Perez-Aranda
  • Eva María González Robles
  • Pilar Alarcón Urbistondo
Keywords: Consumer Behavior, Housing, Residential Tourism, Membership Groups


An understanding of consumer behavior when choosing property as accommodations improves the use of limited resources such as land and may promote the suitable development of tourism destinations. Knowledge of the factors that influence consumer behavior and that condition the process of purchasing a residential tourism property is useful in managing and designing strategies for segmenting tourism destinations. This study analyzes the influence of membership groups such as social class, culture, and family on choosing the type of property (ownership versus renting or using family or friends’ property) and the typology (single- or multifamily) that is in demand among residential tourists in the destination. Firstly, we identify which membership groups specifically influence the selection of type of property (social class and family). Then, we identify which groups influence the property typology (social class and people who are traveling) and, in addition, those that influence both choices (social class).


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