The Importance of the Loyalty of Fashion Brands through Digital Marketing

  • Rocio López Muniesa
  • Carmen García Giménez
Keywords: ashion Business, Influencers, Digital Marketing, Millennials, Social Media


The fashion industry, the world’s economic engine ahead of prominent sectors such as the automobile and energy sectors, has found an effective communication strategy on the Internet. Fashion brands reinvent themselves in their marketing and business strategies to adapt and approach emerging markets eager to consume fashion, which is why digital marketing becomes an essential tool for the communication of these leading brands in the market with its younger audiences. Digitization, a saturated market, consumer 2.0, influencers and a new way of communicating fashion that is more social and interactive are some of the challenges that companies in a sector in constant change and evolution, whose own visual nature, have had to overcome makes the social medium the most effective for its dissemination. The following work aims to offer an in-depth study of the new scenario that arises after the appearance of Web 2.0 and the Social Media phenomenon, which have modified the basic pillars of business communication in the Fashion sector.


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