Consumer Behavior in the Digital Age

  • Jose Ramon Saura
  • Ana Reyes-Menendez
  • Nelson de Matos
  • Marisol B. Correia
  • Pedro Palos-Sanchez
Keywords: Consumer Behavior, Digital Age, Digital Strategies, Digital Business


In recent decades, the Internet, evolving technologies, and social media have led to the evolution of consumer behavior. The changes in customer behavior driven by digital developments provide many opportunities and challenges that businesses also need to deal with online. The better companies know about the behavior of their customers, the easier they can engage with them using strategies such as content marketing, User Experience (UX), influencers marketing, User-Generated Content (UGC), or Electronic Word of Mouth (eWOM). These strategies are essential to get more sales and to develop businesses online, as such strategies increase the engagement with users and influence their behavior. This Special Edition of JOSD focuses on the analysis of consumer behavior in the digital age and, by doing so, contributes to extant knowledge about digital marketing strategies, online consumer behavior, and new digital business models such as mobile applications or shared economy.


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