The Disseminative Capability of the Sources in Cross-Border Knowledge Transfer Process: A Case Study of a Franco-Japanese Joint Venture in Brazil

  • Cilene Alves Salmaso Brandao
  • Jose Márcio Castro
Keywords: Disseminative Capability, Absorptive Capability, Cross-Border Knowledge Transfer, Joint-Ventures, Mother Companies


The objective of this research was to examine the contribution of the disseminative capability of the sources in the knowledge transfer between two international mother companies and a joint venture installed in Brazil. Successful research on international knowledge transfer generally emphasises the absorptive capability of the receivers and other factors, while the role of the knowledge source(s) has been neglected. Considering this gap, the literature review synthesised the main attributes related to the source’s disseminative capability in the knowledge transfer process, among them, the ability to transfer and the motivation to engage in the process. The joint venture involved representatives of companies based
in France and Japan. A qualitative, longitudinal cross-sectional approach was used. This methodology afforded a unique opportunity to examine the phenomenon of the cross-border knowledge transfer process from the perspective of the sources. The results suggest that, in terms of the knowledge transfer capability, the sources used experiences from other projects, experienced expatriates and the exploitation of social integration mechanisms, which allowed satisfactory results concerning the knowledge transfer. Regarding the motivation to transfer, the enthusiasm of the sources was more significant in the initial phases.


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