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Vol 9 No 4 (2021): Experiences in Destinations: From Souvenirs to Fulling Experiences

Experiences in destinations are a “gold” opportunity for either tourists, residents, or stakeholders, to embark on adventures that can give all these tourism actors the chance to participate, develop and promote new and exciting memorable tourism experiences.  This special issue collected contributions to help the reader better understand different perspectives about experiences in tourism destinations. Thus, the first paper presents a systematic literature review of the mindfulness concept in the field of tourism, showing that mindfulness effectively improves a positive travel experience. In the second paper, the reader is taken to a new way of understanding emotion in tourism experiences, with a new methodological and analytical approach that shows that sensorial indicators can be utilized to map and model memorable tourism experiences. The third paper allows a deeper analysis and understanding of what role senses, emotions and memories have in memorable tourism experiences. The fourth paper leads the reader to destination foodscape experiences, what elements influence these and a multidisciplinary holistic conceptual framework is drawn. Finally, this special issue closes with a paper that investigated consumers’ intentions to visit eco-friendly destinations for tourism experiences through a theory of planned behaviour and the environmentally friendly activities concept.


Guest-Editors: Soraia Garcês, Margarida Pocinho and Florin Nechita

Published: 2021-12-31
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