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Vol 8 No 1 (2020): Tourism and Wellbeing

Well-being is one of the main goals of people today. In fact, “Good health and well-being” is the goal number 3 of the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN for 2030.

In this context, tourist experiences are of particular importance for the promotion of well-being, and the services provided by the tourism sector should seek to promote significant positive experiences for tourists, which should not be limited to the space and time of these experiences, but that can last in the memories of those who experience them.

In this thematic issue of JSOD, some contributions are presented that help to understand the importance of Positive Psychology variables for the well-being of tourists, namely creativity and social support.

On the other hand, well-being also results from the experiences provided to tourists, for what we analyze the role of therapeutic landscapes and the recreation carrying capacity.

Well-being also requires a sustainable approach to tourism, so this dimension is also present in this edition of JSOD.


Guest-editors: Saul Neves de Jesus, Margarida Pocinho and Juan Tobal

Published: 2020-03-31


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