Engaging in Educational Tourism: An Academic Response

  • Nataliya G. S. Vieira
  • Margarida Pocinho
  • Celso Pereira Nunes
  • Sofia Sales Sousa
Keywords: Education, Tourism, Adult Learning, Educational Tourism, Educational Tours, Intercultural Competence, Soft Skills, Virtual Educational Tourism, Virtual Field Trip


Tourism-related education can determine the value and solutions for developing winning tactics to extend the quality of educational programmes and involve the community of national and international learners by creating an exchange network of top tourism initiatives. In this article, the authors open a discussion on the interconnections of adult learning and educational tourism, providing the framework for a procedural and methodological analysis of several off-line and on-line experiences that can be adapted by specialists of any educational institution. The article provides an academic response to the potential of educational tourism emphasizing its significance for the economy, well-being, and environmental sustainability.


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G. S. Vieira, N., Pocinho, M., Pereira Nunes, C., & Sales Sousa, S. (2022, June 30). Engaging in Educational Tourism: An Academic Response. Journal of Tourism, Sustainability and Well-Being, 10(2), 101-113. https://doi.org/https://doi.org/10.34623/as81-bk29