An Analysis of the Tourism State Policy Formation in Rondônia, Brazil

  • Marina Castro Passos de Souza Barbosa
  • Haroldo de Sá Medeiros
  • Gleimiria Batista da Costa
Keywords: Tourism, Amazon, Rondônia, Public Policies Formation


The promotion of tourism has been established as part of governmental actions of public policies in Brazil, particularly in Rondônia. Public policies propose the valorization of practices that express knowledge and skills of small farmers and local community in the regional economic sphere, with potential for tourism and capacity to promote economic and social development. This work presents an analysis of the public policy proposals implemented to promote tourism in the State of Rondônia. The study was carried out based on documentary research of the legislation that supports national, regional and state tourism. The results indicate that the promotion of tourism can collaborate to achieve the goals proposed by the public administration that also proposes to value the cultural and natural heritage of the State of Rondônia.


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Barbosa, M. C., H. Medeiros, and G. da Costa. “An Analysis of the Tourism State Policy Formation in Rondônia, Brazil”. Journal of Tourism, Sustainability and Well-Being, Vol. 10, no. 2, June 2022, pp. 88-00, doi: Accessed 26 Sept. 2022.