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Vol 11 No 4 (2023): Journal of Tourism, Sustainability and Well-being

The collection of articles presented at the end of 2023 in the JTSW sheds light on crucial aspects of the relationship between tourism, well-being, and sustainability. Article 1 is a bibliometric analysis of spiritual tourism. By pinpointing the current state of research in this area, it provides a comprehensive overview of how far spirituality-based studies have progressed within the broader context of tourism. Article 2 delves into wellness tourism, a subset of health tourism, emphasizing its role in stress reduction and the promotion of positive emotions among tourists. Through a bibliometric analysis, this article offers insights into the evolving landscape of wellness tourism research. Article 3 presents a quantitative study exploring the correlation between tourists’ connectedness to nature and their landscape preferences. The findings of this research offer valuable insights for destination planners, helping them manage landscapes effectively and utilize resources sustainably to enhance the overall tourist experience. Article 4 takes a qualitative approach to investigate the role of ecological hotels as agents of change toward a regenerative tourism system. This article contributes to our understanding of how the hospitality industry can play a pivotal role in fostering sustainability and environmental consciousness. Article 5 adopts a quantitative approach to demonstrate how soundscape influences tourist mood and the overall destination experience. By utilizing a theme park as a research setting, this study provides valuable insights into the sensory aspects of tourism, offering practical implications for destination managers seeking to enhance visitor experiences through soundscaping strategies. At last, Article 6 explores how the adaptive reuse of historical buildings can be stimulated by visitors’ knowledge of the historical and cultural background of the structure. This quantitative study investigates the impact of visitor awareness on actual visitation rates and contributes to the formulation of urban regeneration strategies for sustainable tourism development.

Published: 2023-12-29
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